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Samsung Galaxy S4 Largest Compatible Micro SD Memory Card

  • What is the largest compatible micro SD card that will work in a Samsung Galaxy S4? If you look at the documentation, you will see that the Samsung Galaxy S4 supports up to a 4 GB micro SD card. This is the same spec listed for the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3. The built in memory of the Samsung Galaxy S4 along with a 4 GB micro SD card just doesn’t cut it for maximizing the use of such an amazing phone. You want the largest compatible micro SD card for your Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or Note II/III mobile phone.

    On my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I decided to try an 8 GB micro SD card and to my surprise, it worked. My brother stopped by my house one day and we sat down and he played a lot of music using bluetooth to his Bose SoundLink portable stereo system. I was impressed by the sound, but I was equally impressed by the amount of music he had on his phone. I asked him how much storage space he had on his Samsung Galaxy S3 and he said he uses a 64 GB micro SD card! He has a ton of music and likes to have tunes everywhere he goes. The combination of the portable Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II along with endless music makes for a nice evening with a couple of beers and laughs.

    He did warn me though. He said that he had tried some other SD cards and they failed to work correctly in his Samsung Galaxy S3. He eventually tried the Samsung Electronics 64GB Pro microSDXC Extreme Speed (UHS-1) Class 10 Memory Card and it performed excellently. After listening to his Bose system play a lot of music, I went and bought one for myself after I did a little research.

    Data Transfer Speed

    I learned that the data transfer speed on the Samsung microSDXC SD Memory Card is listed at 70 MB/sec. This is very good for a mobile device. What this means is that when you take pictures, record video, or use apps that access your SD card, you will not have lag issues due to microSD card speed. I have since moved a ton of my music off my PC onto my Samsung Galaxy Note II along with a couple of my favorite movies. I have noticed no lag with the larger memory card in my Samsung Galaxy Note II. One can expect to get the same results in the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as Samsung Tablets.

    Storage Capacity

    With a Samsung 64GB micro SD memory card , you can store over 15,000 songs(depending on average song length) and up to 12,000 20 Megapixel photos. This is taking advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with its many features.


    There are Samsung Micro SD Card counterfeiters out there! Some sellers on various sites get a batch of rejected or counterfeit Samsung Micro SD cards. The links I provided in this writeup and on the sidebar are legitimate sources for Samsung and Sandisk Micro SD cards. If you take a risk and buy dirt cheap cards from some other source, please check the customer reviews as they will usually tell the tale. I would be very upset if I had trusted my music, pictures, videos, and other important files on a knock-off Samsung Micro SD card.


    Although the size of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is between an S3 and Note II, the extended memory support is not changing. The Samsung Galaxy S4 can readily support a Samsung Electronics 64GB microSDXC Memory Card memory card with no problems.

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